Your home might be the most expensive investment you ever make. Before you sell your current home, purchase a new one, decide to make home energy efficiency improvements, or replace your roof, you’ll want a thorough and reliable property inspection to help avoid surprises and make better decisions.

Home Buyer Inspections


If you are purchasing a home or having one built, a professional home inspection can tell you its true condition. Get informed before making a substantial investment.

Home Seller Inspections


If you are selling your home, it pays to get a clear understanding of your home's condition in order to avoid surprises when the time comes to sell.

General Maintenance Inspections


Understanding the condition of your roof, windows, doors, and crawl space can help identify small problems today and prevent from turning into big ones tomorrow.

"THANK YOU so much for the experience of working with Cornerstone. It was a delight to talk with you and especially to interact with Ben during his thorough review of the home. Kudos for the excellent service and God bless you all."

— Dennis & Jacque Erskine


Why Cornerstone?

  • Full-time, licensed inspectors

  • Fast, reliable, and insured

  • Report e-mailed within 24 hours


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